Why choose hypnosis for weight loss

hypnosis really works to lose weight quickly and easily rapid city

You've tried it all

Leave it to the Women's Health Magazine to know a lot about women's struggles with weight. They had a recent article on hypnosis for weight loss that you might find intriguing. 

After all, you've probably tried dieting, and exercise. You've worked with doctors, nutritionists, trainers. You've done it alone, and you've asked for help, but there is one professional you probably haven't considered until now: a hypnotist.



You're not sure about hypnosis. Maybe you've heard good things, maybe it's new to you. So that's an entire world of "not sure."

Not only are you skeptical of hypnosis, but you're probably skeptical because you've tried and failed to lose the weight so many times.

Why you should try it

Modern science has come a long way in studying the brain, not only in the last few decades, but especially in the last 5 years. They are beginning to truly understand habits, and it's not just action habits, it's thoughts and emotions that lead to actions.

You have a bad day? You eat a piece of pie (or the entire pie) to make yourself "feel better."

You have a good day? You eat a piece of cake (or the entire cake) to celebrate.

You have been wiring your brain for years to have habits that are destructive. Hypnosis helps you rewire your mind.

wire your brain for success with hypnosis in rapid city

How it works

Although hypnotists vary in how they practice and offer their services to others, most hypnotists agree that it can take multiple sessions to create success. The more layers to the issue, the more sessions needed to unravel the issue and create new pathways in the brain for success.

Sessions usually have a few elements. To begin there is usually some sort of conversation in "real time" about goals, as well as previous successes and challenges, "triggers" for the bad behavior, etc.

Then, the hypnotist will usually formulate a "game plan," using a variety of techniques and strategies to help achieve the goals. For best results, most hypnotists only attempt to achieve 1-3 small goals per session.

You are not zonked out

A common misconception is that you won't remember anything, you won't be conscious and able to protect yourself, and variations on those themes. The reality is much different.

Although it's true that some people will naturally have hypnotic amnesia, it is very rare. In the course of 15 years, I don't even remember one person having this experience with me.

You can hear everything under hypnosis and have your same sensory perceptions. For instance, if you were to close your eyes right now, your hearing would be heightened so that you might notice sounds you weren't paying attention to a moment ago. If someone walked into the room, you would be aware of that.

Hypnosis to lose weight

It's really best for people that want change or to experience a better life: better feelings, better confidence, and more success.

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Why choose hypnosis for weight loss?
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Why choose hypnosis for weight loss?
Hypnosis can help retrain your brain for success making easy to choose healthy options.