lose weight at black hills hypnosis in rapid city, South Dakota

Weight watchers didn’t work

lose weight at black hills hypnosis in rapid city, South Dakota

Tried everything, repeatedly

Emily Farris, a NY writer, had tried all the usual routes to lose weight: Weight Watchers, crash diets, juice cleanses, and intense exercise routines. She even went to Overeaters Anonymous for awhile, until she got pregnant.

Sure, it worked for awhile, but then she'd gain the weight back (or get heavier). Can you relate?


Family sabotage

People close to her (even her doctor!) told her to "stop worrying and accept her body the way it was." This is a common occurrence we've seen many times in the hypnosis field. Husbands buying wives cake when they are in a weight loss program, etc.

Luckily, Emily knew that her weight loss problems had deeper roots that needed to be resolved.

She was skeptical

She was 209 pounds 8 months after giving birth, and she was desperate. She'd thought about hypnosis before, but thought it was fake. However, she read a few articles and contacted somebody near here. 

She entered a hypnosis program centering around her food issues, customized to meet her needs. 


Emily regained control over her eating. Sure, she occasionally she has a few of her husbands fries, or a bit of her ice cream. This is normal eating. 

Eat the right things most of the time. Trying for 100% perfection is too hard and doesn't work (as you may have figured out). 

This is what I love best about hypnosis... it brings people to normalcy around food and a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to read the original article (I especially enjoyed the part about her experience of hypnosis), you can read it here:

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Weight watchers didn't work
Article Name
Weight watchers didn't work
One woman's experience with weight watchers.