Weight Loss Group Class

Need help shedding weight before summer?

Join a supportive environment with others on the path to be healthy!

Learn how to use your brain to change. 


Stop the Struggle!

Work with your brain to create habits you want!

  • Feel motivated to exercise
  • Crave healthy foods
  • Become more productive (less coach/sedentary time)
  • Easily pass by unhealthy food choices

Begin your Journey to Success!

This is module 1 of 3 in our group weight loss program designed to build the foundations to support a successful weight loss journey that helps you maintain your successful results.

Titled, "Stop Gaining" this course puts in place the elements to stop gaining weight... the first step in successful LONG-TERM weight loss.

Don't let the title fool you! Many people lose weight in Module 1.

Class starts April 1 (no joke!)

This 8 week course will guide you to set up a weight loss journey that works with your brain and supports you.

Monday, April 1: Starting the Journey, getting an accountability partner
Monday, April 8: Beverages
Monday, April 15: Creating an Active Lifestyle
   Wednesday, April 24: Setting the Right Goal
Monday, April 29: Eating for Healthy Living
Monday, May 6: Build Confidence
Monday, May 13: Motivation Success
   Wednesday, May 22: Special Surprise & Wrap-up

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This 8 week course will include information on each lesson and a technique that helps rewire your brain for success.

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For additional support, we recommend our 7 accompanying audio products. Regularly priced at $27/each ($189 total), the set is yours for only $97.

The 8 week class and 7 mind conditioning audios are yours for $194.

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