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Weight Loss Group Class

Need help shedding weight before summer?

Join a supportive environment with others on the path to be healthy!

Learn how to use your brain to change. 

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Leslie lost weight and gained happiness

lose weight with hypnosis in rapid city

I wanted to lose weight

I came in for weight loss; my life has changed for the better! Not only have I gone down in sizes and inches, my demeanor and every day outlook has changed for the better, too!

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Doug got his life back!

black hills hypnosis in rapid city to lose weight

He thought he was going to die

"When I came in for a screening, I wasn't able to carry my 3 year old son up the stairs without feeling like I was going to die. My cholesterol was high, and my idea of exercise was going back and forth to the fridge. 

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Janelle puts weight loss failure in the past

black hills hypnosis for weight loss in rapid city


"One of the biggest breakthroughs that I have felt this week is the acceptance of this program. I have been in a battle in my head about past success and failures in weight loss. The success being able to lose the weight, the failure gaining it back. 

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She stopped overeating

lose weight with hypnosis which helps your eating habits

She was overeating

Suzannah Weiss was overeating: junk food at social gatherings, snacking nonstop, chips then she'd skip meals. Her relationship with food was taking a physical and emotional toll on her. 

She knew all the tricks, but just couldn't execute them. She had no willpower. Her brain was off-kilter so she decided to work with her brain, instead of against it. She decided to use hypnosis.

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