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Tracy was helped, and her family too!

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Hypnosis worked for a family member

I had a family member use hypnosis to stop smoking and thought it would help me to stop chewing my fingernails. 

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Dale quits smoking after 20+ years!

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Thank you!

"What can be said, that probably hasn't been said probably a 100,000 times before??

Andria, I would like to thank you immensely for helping me achieve my ultimate goal, failed at least 6 times has been achieved through hypnosis and the special/not-so-special EFT technique.

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She stopped overeating

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She was overeating

Suzannah Weiss was overeating: junk food at social gatherings, snacking nonstop, chips then she'd skip meals. Her relationship with food was taking a physical and emotional toll on her. 

She knew all the tricks, but just couldn't execute them. She had no willpower. Her brain was off-kilter so she decided to work with her brain, instead of against it. She decided to use hypnosis.

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