scientific study on hypnosis effectiveness rapid city South Dakota

Study evaluates effectiveness of hypnosis

scientific study on hypnosis effectiveness rapid city South Dakota

Clear as mud?!

One of the most fascinating things about hypnosis is that we know something is happening, but researchers aren't always clear, or in agreement with what that something is.

In a report submitted to the French Directorate General for Health, researchers led by Bruno Falissard assessed the effectiveness of hypnosis for  a few particular issues such as women's health, digestive ailments, surgery, psychiatry, etc. 


It seems they found definitive therapeutic value during anaesthesia, and in the management of irritable bowel syndrome. It also confirms that risks associated with hypnosis are particularly limited.

What is hypnosis

Hypnosis is neither a state of alertness nor a state of sleep, but rather a state of altered consciousness. At a biological level, the effects of hypnosis have been confirmed by modern imaging techniques. Researchers have noticed changes in the activity of certain regions of the brain when suggestions are made to a subject under hypnosis.

science proves hypnosis works

Treatment of IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is characterised by abdominal pain, feelings of bloating, and episodes of diarrhea or constipation, and alters the quality of life of those affected.

Studies testing hypnosis to treat this condition confirm its potential: regular hypnotherapy sessions alleviate the gastrointestinal symptoms.

Reduces use of drugs

The scientists carrying out the study focused on the use of hypnosis during surgical examinations and interventional radiology. Things like wisdom tooth extractions, breast biopsies, transcatheter procedures, pregnancy terminations, etc.

Although the criteria chosen were highly variable, the results are in agreement with respect to the use of analgesic or sedative drugs. The studies show that, with the help of hypnosis, the use of these drugs is reduced during these interventions.

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Hypnosis is very safe

Bruno Falissard's team also examined the safety of hypnosis as reported in the literature. Reassuringly, no serious adverse effects seem to be attributable to hypnosis. According to the researchers, one cannot, however, exclude the existence of such adverse events, but if they exist, their incidence is relatively low.

Looking to the future

With the advances of neuroscience and brain imaging capabilities in the last decade or two, it seems that science is finally beginning to unravel the mystery that has clouded our understanding of hypnosis for so long.

Hypnosis has long been misunderstood, for decades, centuries and even millennia. Not unlike the outdated medical understandings (humors and air causing illness, bleeding with leeches creating health, etc), hypnosis has been misrepresented and chastised.

However, that didn't mean that it was effective. There have been testimonials, case studies, and witness based evidence that, indeed, hypnosis is creating change. 

It's great to see science catching up to this powerful technique and understanding why hypnosis works.

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Study evaluates effectiveness of hypnosis
Article Name
Study evaluates effectiveness of hypnosis
Curious about the effectiveness of hypnosis? So is science! Every year there are more and more research studies being conducted to test the efficacy of hypnosis.