stress trauma black hills hypnosis rapid city

Phillip’s car crash!

stress trauma black hills hypnosis rapid city

Car crash!

My big news is I crashed my car on Hwy 17… coming home at night in the rain. I lost control in a curve, smashed into the concrete barrier, spun around, and came to a stop facing traffic in the fast lane. Miraculously no other cars were around and I wasn't injured. Just my pride.


That night when I finally got to bed, I realized I had just nearly spent my last day on Earth. I'm feeling lucky to be here. I did a lot of tapping during following days and it helped.

Using the techniques

I must admit I didn't tap with any specific spoken phrase. I just tapped with a general concept in my mind of not wanting to let my mind spin me around with shame about my accident and fear about mortality. It helped me get back in my body and take some control, if that makes sense.

Tapping helped me remember that I'm OK, get grounded in my body, and feel like I'd done at least one small thing to take control during a time that felt chaotic.

Phillip Cline
Los Altos, CA

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Hypnosis helps with trauma after a car crash
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Hypnosis helps with trauma after a car crash
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Trauma happens many different times. Here how Phillip handles his trauma after a car crash.

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