stop smoking with hypnosis in the black hills in rapid city

Mike used to be a smoker

stop smoking with hypnosis in the black hills in rapid city

Horrible side effects

"I used to be a smoker.

What a pleasure to write that. My breath smelled bad, my lungs hurt and I spent WAY too much money on my habit. I tried to quit many times. 

Patches, gum, Cold Turkey…None Worked! That first sentence is my reality today. It is possible because I was willing to try anything.


My personal solution

It is a pleasure to say I was in the first “Quit Smoking” class at the CHA center with Andria Wood. That was a year ago and I am still Smoke Free. 

That class…proved to be my personal solution. I was glad the process was fun and intuitive. It seemed like it was made for me. I hope all who read this can achieve the same level of success I did. 

Anything is possible

With an open mind and a sincere desire, anything is possible.

I am grateful for people like Andria who have such a gift, and a willingness to share it.

Good luck and God bless."

Mike, Phone Technician
Sacramento, Ca

May 17, 2008

Ready to Stop Smoking?

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Save money by stopping smoking!
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Save money by stopping smoking!
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Mike stopped smoking with hypnosis and was surprised how much money he had after a year of having quit!

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