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Matt Damon stops smoking with hypnosis

Stopped smoking!

Matt Damon, quit smoking after 16 years. On Leno he states, "It was the greatest decision I ever made in my life."


Leno asked him if it was hard and he said, "No. I went down to the hypnotist."

"That worked?" said an amazed Leno.

"It worked! I swear to God it worked."


A lot of people are surprised that famous people would go to a hypnotist, but famous people are just like everyone else. 

They have their habits, good and bad.

It's not uncommon for famous people to go to hypnotists. Some of them are open about it and some of them are private, just like folks in "real" life. 

So, if Matt Damon can go on TV and talk about his process quitting smoking with hypnosis, why can't you?

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Matt Damon talks about stopping smoking
Article Name
Matt Damon talks about stopping smoking
Hypnosis helps many people, whether famous or not. Here, Matt Damon talks about using hypnosis to stop smoking.