lose weight with hypnosis in rapid city in the black hills in South Dakota

Lee lost 40 pounds

lose weight with hypnosis in rapid city in the black hills in South Dakota

Farmer loses weight

"Hi, My name is Lee Lubbers and I am a farmer from Gregory, South Dakota. I lost 40 pounds. I actually live 150 miles away from the office, and it’s well worth the drive.

I heard nothing, but good things from two people in the town that I live in that used you to quit smoking, and had great results, They’ve never touched a cigarette since and so I thought if it works for them it can work for me.


I came to Andria for losing weight and I’ve enjoyed the whole experience. I feel I am very successful with the end result. It’s totally changed my life.

I’ve dropped almost 40 pounds. I dropped the bulk of the weight within three months, it’s been over a year now and I’m still keeping it off and my whole outlook has improved.

Doctor recommended

Before my free consultation, I had a yearly physical with my local doctor and I asked for her opinion of hypnosis and she told me that for quitting smoking she recommends going to hypnosis instead of going to see her. She said it's better than anything she could actually prescribe. 

The doctor also felt that weight loss would be just as successful as quitting smoking, and she is the one who actually urged me to uhh make the appointment. So that gave me the motivation to set-up the initial screening and never look back.

Helped with grief

During my hypnosis weight loss program, I lost a family member unexpectedly and that was a very tough time in my life. Andria has the philosophy of being your coach during the program which really impressed me and she helped get me not only through keeping on with the weight loss program, but actually helping me through that part of my life. 

Everybody that knows me has commented on the differences since using hypnosis. I’m a much more relaxed person, so it’s improved my life in numerous ways. My overall outlook improved on life in general, I laugh more, and I am a happier person, in general.

Hypnosis for weight loss is so different

Using hypnosis for weight loss was a completely different experience than my other attempts. I have tried dieting which has never worked so I don’t feel I would have been nearly as successful if I would have tried another weight loss program or something on my own. Weight loss hypnosis made a definite difference in the end result.

I’m caffeine and pop free. From my first appointment, I quit drinking soda pop and I have never touched it since. For the first time in my life it was actually easy to quit drinking pop.

Prior to using hypnosis for weight loss, I was a heavier person than what I am today, and I had more stress and anxiety. Since starting the program I not only lost weight, but also my stress level was significantly reduced. I am an easier going person.

After awhile, I noticed people around me started to comment and they noticed the differences. Especially people that had not seen me for three or four months they were totally shocked when they saw me.

Positive future

I have a better outlook on life. I am more relaxed. That’s the one comment that people make time and time again--Not only that I look much thinner, but that I am a more relaxed individual and I am a happier individual.

I know after using the hypnosis weight loss program that I will have no trouble keeping the weight off, because I have kept it off for over a year successfully, and it’s still just as easy as the first day that I started the program."

Lee Lubbers, Farmer
Gregory, South Dakota

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Lee Lubbers drove over an hour to each hypnosis and succeeded in his weight loss during a troubling time in his life. Read his story here.

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