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Learn hypnosis

Brain science in the last few decades has accelerated our understanding of the brain by leaps and bounds.

New studies are coming out every year showing the effectiveness of hypnosis.

It's a great time to learn hypnosis!


Long shrouded in mystery, hypnosis is now coming out of the shadows and into the light due to brain research illuminating our understanding of how the brain works and why hypnosis is so effective.

Workshops for Transformation

Looking for a transformational experience?

You can check out a workshop on an interesting topic for your own self-development...

Get Your Goal - 2 days
MindSpa: a weekend of relaxation - 2 days
Make Things Happen - 2 days
Conversational Magic - 2 days
Relationship/Family/Kids - 2 days

Or you can go through all the classes and get certified.


Our hypnosis certification is through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest and most well known hypnosis organization.

The courses you will need to take in order to be certified:

Get Your Goal - 2 days
MindSpa - 2 days
Make Things Happen - 2 days
Conversational Magic - 2 days
Relationship/Family/Kids - 2 days
Intro to hypnosis - 3 days
Advanced change - 4 days
Hypnosis Certification Weekend - 4 days

Our Training

Our self-development and certification courses are offered through our parent company, BrainFuel Enterprises LLC.

You can learn more about what we have to offer at our website:


If it's time for you to create change and success in your life, call us to find out what courses may be right for you...

Black Hills Hypnosis serves men, women, and children in person in our Rapid City office, and serving people around the world through online sessions, classes, and products.

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Curious about hypnosis and want to learn it yourself? We have classes for you.