stop smoking without withdrawals with black hills hypnosis

Jason had no withdrawals

stop smoking without withdrawals with black hills hypnosis

I had doubts

"After one session, I quit! I had doubts that I would be able to quit after one. But by the second session I believed it had totally changed my mind set about smoking. 


All in your mind

I feel I will be able go continue for many years without the crutch of smoking. I also was expecting the withdrawals of smoking (having “quit” 4 times before) but when I told Andria about my withdrawals during the second session, she said I didn’t have to go through them. After the second session, I no longer had any withdrawals.


No urge to Smoke + no Withdrawal = Success!"

Jason Bryant, Software Designer
Loomis, Ca

February 22, 2008

Our language tells all

"A week later after my last session with Andria she called me back in. Andria read my statement and wanted to address my statement of “many years” of not smoking. 

Andria explained that it should be never. This past week just happened to be stressful for me and all the smoking triggers that could have happened did. I did not touch a cig or even think that I “needed” it to get though the week.

This convinced me that I will never smoke again!"

Jason Byrant

Coming along for the ride

Postscript: Jason was so successful that after a few years, his friends started using hypnosis to quit smoking as well. 

This is not an infrequent phenomenon. So many smokers have tried and failed so often that they tend to make sure that results are going to "hold" before they jump on the band wagon.

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