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Left out in the cold?

You know the feeling... everyone else is inside having a good time, but you "feel the urge to smoke" and you feel "forced" (sometimes against your wishes) to go outside and light up.

Over the last few decades, there has been increasing social pressure to quit smoking as the health effects and costs have become more widely known.

Are you ready yet?

Coming in 2020

I'm taking 14 years worth of successful experiences helping people quit smoking and putting it into a quit smoking book. 

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"After one session, I quit! I had doubts that I would be able to quit after one. But by the second session I believed it had totally changed my mind set about smoking."

Jason Bryant
   Software Designer

"You have given me life without cigarettes. I have quit with confidence and self love. Knowing I can conquer anything – everything that comes my way without the cigs."

Janice Navarro
   Salon Owner

“I used to be a smoker. My breath smelled bad, my lungs hurt and I spent WAY too much money on my habit. I tried to quit many times. That first sentence is my reality today."

     Phone Technician

Not your first rodeo

This is probably not the first time you've wanted to quit, or thought about quitting this nasty habit, but it could be your last...

Maybe you've tried the options out there. You've added more nicotine to your system with patches, you've chewed the gum until your jaw hurt, you've suffered the side effects with pills, and you've been poked and prodded by alternative methods, but you're still smoking. 

There are reasons why these methods do not work as well as hypnosis, and we explain why at your Free Consultation.

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and people around the world with online sessions.

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis!!
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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis!!
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Yes, you can stop smoking with hypnosis! It's easy when you have help.