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We all need help with one thing or another from time to time, whether it be getting through a hard time or achieving a goal.

What do you need help with?

hypnosis for weight loss really works

Lose Weight

Need help losing weight? 

We have a complete program to help you.

Click here to learn more about our weight loss program.

stop smoking successfully with black hills hypnosis in rapid city south dakota

Stop Smoking

Ready to quit that smoking habit?

We have options for you.

Click here to learn more about our stop smoking program.

sleep better with help at black hills hypnosis in rapid city

Sleep Better

Have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep?

As a natural side effect of hypnosis, most people find they sleep more deeply and completely.

confidence confident black hills hypnosis in rapid city

Build Confidence & Self-esteem

Confidence and self-esteem are essential to a happy and productive life.

Although we can customize a program to help you, confidence and self-esteem can often be natural side effects of the powerful effect of hypnosis.

stress relief hypnosis in rapid city

Relieve Stress

By it's very nature hypnosis is very relaxing.

Even as a side effect most people feel more relaxed during and after hypnosis.

Click here to learn how hypnosis can relieve your stress.

blacks hills hypnosis in rapid city for pain, stress, fear, more issues

More Issues

Hypnosis can help with so many different issues.

Click here to find out more.

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Ready for help?

If it's time for you to create change and success in your life, we offer a free consultation to determine if hypnosis is right for you.

Doctors agree that stress causes a lot of problems.

Sign up below to access our free hypnosis audio, "Easy Relaxation," and allow the stress to melt away!

Black Hills Hypnosis serves men, women, and children in person in our Rapid City office, and serving people around the world through online sessions, classes, and products.

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Issues that can be helped with hypnosis
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Hypnosis can help with so many different issues: weight loss, smoking cessation, stress relief, build confidence, sleep better, etc.