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Free Consultation 

Free consultations are often the best place to start.

You'll learn about hypnosis, go over your particular issue, and experience hypnosis firsthand.

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Free Hypnosis Audio

"Easy Relaxation" is a great introduction to hypnosis. 

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Private Sessions

In our experience, the quickest way to any result is with focused attention. For that reason, we offer programs incorporating private sessions.

Our private programs utilize a combination approach to really effect change.

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Group Classes

We offer a wide variety of group classes throughout the year, both in Rapid City and online.

Group classes are a fun and interactive way to create change and meet others on the same journey.

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We have a huge range of products available and are creating more each month.

Although most of our products are audio at the moment (Spring 2019), we will be also adding video products as well as online courses.

We offer all our products at our online store:

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Tracy was helped, and her family too!
Hypnosis worked for a family member I had a family member use hypnosis to stop smoking and thought it would[...]
Arnell lost the desire for mountain dew
Five weeks!! "I have been on the program 5 weeks and have not had a diet mountain dew.  Tasted horrible[...]
Hypnosis helps children with respiratory disorders
Therapeutic value in childrenHypnosis has potential therapeutic value in children with respiratory disorders for alleviating symptoms such as habit cough[...]

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If it's time for you to create change and success in your life, we offer a free consultation to determine if hypnosis is right for you.

Doctors agree that stress causes a lot of problems.

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Black Hills Hypnosis serves men, women, and children in person in our Rapid City office, and serving people around the world through online sessions, classes, and products.

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