Fun hypnosis on KAT Country

Watch Amy get hypnotized!

"You will be protected from all negative suggestions. Every time somebody suggests something negative, you will flip them the bird..."

On Monday, April 23 at around 8:30am listeners watched on Facebook Live as Andria from Black Hills Hypnosis instantly hypnotized radio personality, Amy, from KAT Country 98.7 in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Amy successfully goes into hypnosis in under 2 minutes and as the trance deepens her head nods into relaxation more and more....  


What happened?

We started with some basic suggestions.

Amy couldn't remember D Ray's name and each time she was asked, she came up with a different name. 

(Chester was my personal favorite!)

Every time someone said, "KAT Country" she would sing a Garth Brooks song. I mean, she really belted it out! 

And every time somebody said something negative to her, she would flip them the bird. This was Amy's suggestion before the show! 

The listeners joined in!

We had a few creative listeners out there!

I mentioned that callers could give some suggestions. After some hesitation, D Ray put it to the listeners and a few people called in and added in their own ideas.

As expected, Amy followed through perfectly each and every time!

I can understand why people listen to this show. It's entertaining and informative. Amy and D Ray are laid back and fun. 

All good things must come to an end...

I think we were all having so much fun we didn't want it to stop, but alas... the show must go on!

I canceled all of the "entertainment" suggestions for Amy, but left her feeling good, relaxed and confident. 

I had a really fun time on "The Roadhouse" morning show on KAT Country 98.7 with Amy and D Ray.

D Ray was clear he wants me to come back, but I wonder... will I get to hypnotize him next time?! 

Stay tuned to find out!

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Hypnosis fun on KAT Country 98.7
Article Name
Hypnosis fun on KAT Country 98.7
Andria from Black Hills Hypnosis instantly hypnotizes Amy from KAT Country's morning radio show, "The Roadhouse". See Amy forget D Rays name, be bat man, flip us off, and more... !