From Depressed to Excited

Nicole first came to me for a weight loss program, but in talking to her I realized that there were some other issues going on around sadness and possibly self-esteem.

Although she technically signed up for a weight loss program, we agreed that we needed to help her sort out her depressed feelings and confidence more.


I was not aware at the time that Nicole suffered from depression or anxiety, but through the work we did... those bad feelings lifted and she felt more like herself and happier than ever before.

See the video for the entire story.

Congratulations, Nicole!

Please note that if you come to me with clinical depression or anxiety, I may need a note from your doctor.

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Help depression with hypnosis
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Help depression with hypnosis
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Nicole thought weight was the problem, but turns out it was her inner thoughts and emotions. Now that she has those sorted out, she can move on to her next goals. Do you need help with hopeless thoughts or feelings? Call 605-787-1367 for a free hypnosis screening.

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