family stress hypnosis helps rapid city black hills South Dakota

A fragmented family healed!

family stress hypnosis helps rapid city black hills South Dakota

Fragmented family

"My family was fragmented, and I was feeling very stressed when I happened to hear about the very impacting work that Andria does. Due to this complicated and upsetting family dynamic, Andria suggested that she lead me through what she called an "essence-level connection" process, and we actually did this by telephone!


As part of the process, she included not only myself but also my sons, their wives and my ex-husband. Although I was the only one on the phone with her, she had a great strategy for including various people in the healing process, without their physical least I didn't see them!!

Immediate results

The results were immediate and powerful. That evening and the next day my estranged son and his wife, Cindy, both called multiple times to just "chat" with me! I could hardly believe my ears! I had longed for a motherly-daughterly relationship with Cindy and was excited about this new shift. Our friendly chatting has continued regularly to this day, and I am absolutely delighted!

I am also extremely pleased that Cindy told me today that she and my son are no longer fighting! It is really turning into a very happy marriage. My sons and their wives even went out to the beach together. My other daughter-in-law told me that they had a good time. She has always had issues with Cindy so I am amazed that even she has softened toward Cindy!

Family dream come true

I could go on and on about the impact these phone sessions have had in my life. But in summary, the process was powerful, painless, reasonably priced, easy and swift in it's ability to "move mountains" in my family life. I now enjoy a family that gets along with each other, almost all the time.

Andria turned my family nightmare into a dream come true!"

Bay Area, CA

(Editors note: due to the specifics in this testimonial, my client requested to be anonymous)

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Fragmented family helped
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