Connie Went From “given up” to “pot of gold”

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I wasn't myself

"My journey here began in the 'Given Up' mode. No longer was I "me", I was just going through the movements. There was a time that energy, positivity and feeling good was a part of my life, but it had passed and I wanted that time back.


The search is over

My search for getting my old life back and a better life forward begin with Andria. Her hypnosis treatment transitioned me into a positive awareness, and confront what was really causing my failures to be happy with life and myself, putting those negative options in a locked trunk, and I bloomed.

There is a rainbow!

Life is good, I've stepped forward into the new and old goals. There is a rainbow and I'm on my way to that 'pot of gold'!"

Connie Wolters
Hill City, SD

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Connie came in to lose weight at Black Hills Hypnosis and received so much more!