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Greg found the right path

stop smoking without cravings with hypnosis in rapid city

I tried hypnosis before

I got addicted to smoking and tried hypnosis once. Within a year I was smoking once again. 

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Connie Went From “given up” to “pot of gold”

weight loss rapid city black hills hypnosis

I wasn't myself

"My journey here began in the 'Given Up' mode. No longer was I "me", I was just going through the movements. There was a time that energy, positivity and feeling good was a part of my life, but it had passed and I wanted that time back.

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Roy can conquer all problems now!

depression unhappiness hypnosis works Black Hills Rapid City

I was depressed

"I came here feeling depressed and alone and not worthy. 

Worked through it

Working through the sessions with Andria I came to feel strong and very secure in my own self. Using these methods I learned I feel very good about the future and look forward to the new adventures. 

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Katie never thought hypnosis would work!

quit smoking success with hypnosis in rapid city South Dakota

I had tried everything!

"I never thought hypnosis would work for me. I had tried everything to quit smoking from acupuncture, nicotine replacement, and medicine. Nothing worked.

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Doug got his life back!

black hills hypnosis in rapid city to lose weight

He thought he was going to die

"When I came in for a screening, I wasn't able to carry my 3 year old son up the stairs without feeling like I was going to die. My cholesterol was high, and my idea of exercise was going back and forth to the fridge. 

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