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Are April Fools jokes hypnosis?

April fools joke hypnosis

How have you fooled someone?

For a few years on Facebook, I played April Fools jokes on people.

I had a 2-3 year streak of fooling people into believing, for instance, that I had signed up for a 6 month stint with club med to teach dance classes, or that I was in a relationship.

It was shocking and funny how may people believed me!

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Fun hypnosis on KAT Country

Watch Amy get hypnotized!

"You will be protected from all negative suggestions. Every time somebody suggests something negative, you will flip them the bird..."

On Monday, April 23 at around 8:30am listeners watched on Facebook Live as Andria from Black Hills Hypnosis instantly hypnotized radio personality, Amy, from KAT Country 98.7 in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Amy successfully goes into hypnosis in under 2 minutes and as the trance deepens her head nods into relaxation more and more....  

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Matt Damon stops smoking with hypnosis

Stopped smoking!

Matt Damon, quit smoking after 16 years. On Leno he states, "It was the greatest decision I ever made in my life."

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Weight watchers didn’t work

lose weight at black hills hypnosis in rapid city, South Dakota

Tried everything, repeatedly

Emily Farris, a NY writer, had tried all the usual routes to lose weight: Weight Watchers, crash diets, juice cleanses, and intense exercise routines. She even went to Overeaters Anonymous for awhile, until she got pregnant.

Sure, it worked for awhile, but then she'd gain the weight back (or get heavier). Can you relate?

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Why choose hypnosis for weight loss

hypnosis really works to lose weight quickly and easily rapid city

You've tried it all

Leave it to the Women's Health Magazine to know a lot about women's struggles with weight. They had a recent article on hypnosis for weight loss that you might find intriguing. 

After all, you've probably tried dieting, and exercise. You've worked with doctors, nutritionists, trainers. You've done it alone, and you've asked for help, but there is one professional you probably haven't considered until now: a hypnotist.

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