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Hypnosis Weight Loss Proven by Science

Dieting veteran

Georgia, 28, tells Shape magazine about her experiences with hypnosis. How she put weight on after her surgery and after years of dieting decided on hypnosis instead. After all, hypnosis helped her overcome her fear of flying!

Who should try it

Hypnosis is a good solution for those looking for a more gentle way to lose weight, and make lifestyle changes.

Those that are looking for a quick fix should look elsewhere. (And perhaps consider what their real goal is. After all, do you want to lose weight, or keep it off?)

Those that understand that hypnosis is not magic and understand that it's a tool to help you make healthier habits are great candidates.

Where to find a hypnotist

There are multiple certifying bodies for hypnosis. Find someone that is certified and beware of online apps. Many of these people are just making money on people's pain and aren't certified. Hypnotists should have many hours experience with live people and sessions.

What Hypnosis Feels Like

Hypnosis is actually a natural state we move through on a regular basis, many consider it to be a state of focused attention.

Dr. Tracy Stein, a health Psychologist, says, "Everyone naturally goes into light trance states several times a day — think of when you zone out while a friend is sharing every detail of their vacation — and hypnosis is just learning to focus that inward attention in a helpful way."

Although many people are concerned about losing control in hypnosis, Georgia says she always felt very lucid and under control.

Surprising side effects

Hypnosis can help in so many ways, yet there are definitely side effects - all positive!

Peter LePort, MD, a bariatric surgeon and medical director of MemorialCare Center for Obesity in California. "You must deal with any underlying metabolic or biological causes of weight gain first but while you're doing that using hypnosis can kickstart healthy habits," he says. And there's another healthy perk of using hypnosis: "The meditation aspect can really help reduce stress and increase mindfulness which in turn can help with weight loss," he adds.

Proven by Science...

Every year more and more studies are done regarding the benefits of hypnosis. In fact, with the current neuroscientific research gaining traction, we expect to see more and more positive results being found.

One study done in 1986 found that overweight women who used a hypnosis program lost 17 pounds, compared to 0.5 pounds for women who were just told to watch what they ate.

In the 90s a meta-analysis of weight loss research regarding hypnosis found that participants using hypnosis lost around twice as much as those without hypnosis and the weight loss increased over time.

More recently, in a 2014 study women who used hypnosis improved their weight, BMI, eating behavior, and even some aspects of body image.


Georgia is definitely a success stories. She says it not only helped her lose the extra pounds but also helped her keep them off. Six years later she has happily maintained her weight loss, occasionally checking back in with her hypnotherapist when she needs a refresher.

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Need to Lose Weight?

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