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From Depressed to Excited

Nicole first came to me for a weight loss program, but in talking to her I realized that there were some other issues going on around sadness and possibly self-esteem.

Although she technically signed up for a weight loss program, we agreed that we needed to help her sort out her depressed feelings and confidence more.

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Chanel needed a positive change

Relieve depressed feelings with black hills hypnosis in rapid city south dakota

I struggled with feeling depressed

"Since beginning the hypnosis I have felt more relaxed and more positive about life. I do not tend to notice negative emotions as often as before, and I feel like there is less stress in my life since hypnosis. 

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Roy can conquer all problems now!

depression unhappiness hypnosis works Black Hills Rapid City

I was depressed

"I came here feeling depressed and alone and not worthy. 

Worked through it

Working through the sessions with Andria I came to feel strong and very secure in my own self. Using these methods I learned I feel very good about the future and look forward to the new adventures. 

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