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Hypnosis helps children with respiratory disorders

black hills hypnosis rapid city helps children respiratory disorders

Therapeutic value in children

Hypnosis has potential therapeutic value in children with respiratory disorders for alleviating symptoms such as habit cough or unexplained sensations of difficulty breathing and for lessening a child's discomfort during medical procedures. 

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Study shows hypnosis reduces acute pain

black hills hypnosis pain control rapid city

Hypnosis reduces acute pain

Mindfulness training and hypnotic suggestion significantly reduced acute pain experienced by hospital patients, according to a new study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

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Study evaluates effectiveness of hypnosis

scientific study on hypnosis effectiveness rapid city South Dakota

Clear as mud?!

One of the most fascinating things about hypnosis is that we know something is happening, but researchers aren't always clear, or in agreement with what that something is.

In a report submitted to the French Directorate General for Health, researchers led by Bruno Falissard assessed the effectiveness of hypnosis for  a few particular issues such as women's health, digestive ailments, surgery, psychiatry, etc. 

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