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Bethany’s musical journey

music help hypnosis black hills rapid city

Focus on music

"About two weeks ago I received my first hypnotherapy session. Prior to the session, I had spoken with Andria about my goals and perceptions of these goals in accordance to my current life situations.

One life situation in particular that I felt could use a closer look pertained to my career: playing and performing music. Through a series of simple, and direct questions, Andria and I worked together to find the unwanted thoughts and fears that I was having about my career, and then proceeded to find the wanted thoughts and affirmations that I would much rather be having.


Starting to get clarity

Through this process alone, I was already seeing my situation more clearly than before. For instance, I knew I needed an intentional approach at networking. This was something we took into the session after we filtered it out of my thoughts.

It was a morning session and immediately following I felt refreshed as well invigorated for some part of the day. I felt as if I was engaging a flow fairly effortlessly, and I saw results of my new affirmations. That evening I attended a party where I met a local singer/songwriter. She invited me to her upcoming performance at a local venue. This wasn’t even 12 hours after my session.

Fast results!

Then, the very next day, a good friend called me to invite me to perform at an event that she’s organizing. It’s a benefit to profit schools in Brazil and Africa. She has been dreaming of putting it all together, and it is finally coming to fruition. I accepted the invitation right away, not too long before she informed me that Paul McCartney would be head-lining the event! No, I’m not joking!

As if that wasn’t enough, later that week, I attended the performance of my new acquaintance, and discovered that it was a great venue for the kind of music I play. And conveniently enough, the following night was their weekly open-mike. So, I of course, performed at the open-mike and then was offered a weekly gig there! It seems unreal, I know!

But before I even made it to the open-mike I stopped for a coffee and met a friend with another friend who is a very good guitar player. He asked me to play him a song, so I did, and then he insisted that we get together with a drummer (a friend I have) and a bass player (a friend he has), and see if we all make a good band. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least because this is one of my goals!

Life unfolding easily

I feel these happening are external representations of the changes I am experiencing within myself. My thoughts are different and so my emotions are as well. I feel supported, encouraged, accepted, even requested (and I didn’t have to ask for that one).

I am looking forward to playing weekly which was one of my main goals, as well as playing with other musicians and perhaps forming a band. And you know what else is equally as amazing? I’m not even nervous about playing within ear-shot of a former Beatle." 

Bethany Dongiovanni
Bodega Bay, CA

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Hypnosis helps with many goals... like musical accomplishment
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Hypnosis helps with many goals... like musical accomplishment
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Bethany was stifled and needed to open up to her talents and the opportunities that were before her.

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