April fools joke hypnosis

Are April Fools jokes hypnosis?

April fools joke hypnosis

How have you fooled someone?

For a few years on Facebook, I played April Fools jokes on people.

I had a 2-3 year streak of fooling people into believing, for instance, that I had signed up for a 6 month stint with club med to teach dance classes, or that I was in a relationship.

It was shocking and funny how may people believed me!


Why the belief?

April Fools jokes can work for a number of reasons which we'll explore.

In my case, my jokes were plausible. I was a dance teacher for many years, love to travel, and have been known to move or do things out of the ordinary so the idea that I could run off to a club med destination for 6 months wasn't really that odd, at least not for me.

And although I hadn't been in a relationship for a few years, being in one isn't a huge stretch of the imagination either.

But there are other reasons why people believe jokes, especially on a larger (possibly even a global) level.

The Brits believed... and then achieved!

On April 1, 1976 English astronomer, Patrick Moore, was broadcast on BBC Radio 2 explaining that there was to be a Jovian-Plutonian gravitation effect that would cause a noticeable short-term reduction in gravity on Earth starting at 9:47am. 

Moore had a high level of public recognition in the United Kingdom as a respected astronomer at the time.

Just after 9:47 in the morning, the BBC started taking hundreds of phone calls of people reporting that they noticed the reduction in gravity.


The power of suggestion. 

The power of suggestion

In the gravity case, suggestions given by someone considered as an authority have the power to change our perceived reality and create a reality consistent with the suggestions we've received by someone we trust and/or respect. 

What joke will you play?

This April fools play a fun joke... if you're in an authority position, use your authority to create more powerful suggestions.

Not in an authority position? Come up with something that isn't true, but could be true, try something plausible.

Most of all, have fun with it!

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Are April Fools jokes hypnosis?
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Are April Fools jokes hypnosis?
Hypnosis is everywhere, even in April Fools jokes. Find out how in this article.