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"When I came in for a screening, I wasn't able to carry my 3 year old son up the stairs without feeling like I was going to die. My cholesterol was high, and my idea of exercise was going back and forth to the fridge. 

What a change! Last Saturday, I ran a 5k! I am not on cholesterol medication anymore! I have lost nearly 60 lbs and am wearing the size pants that I wore in high school!

At 40 years old, I am in the best shape of my life, and put younger friends to shame when we run. I truly believe you helped me get my life back!"

Doug Van Beek
HR Manager

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Lose Weight!

Perhaps you've tried the pills, the fad diets, the buddy system, willpower, the gym. You've tried it all,  and now you're here. How is hypnosis different? Hypnosis works with your habits and brain, instead of against them. 

stop smoking without cravings with hypnosis in rapid city

Stop Smoking

Coughing, smoking in the cold, loss of breath, smelly clothes and breath, being left out of the fun, wasted time and money, as well as failed attempts to quit. When is the pain going to be enough to quit?! It's time for hypnosis!

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More Issues...

Hypnosis can work on a number of issues in your life. Are you stressed, insecure, or unmotivated? Problems sleeping, nervous, in fear? There are so many things in your life that hypnosis can help you release and achieve.

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Black Hills Hypnosis is dedicated to helping transform pain, and struggle into grace and ease.

We help people achieve personal change by helping you understand and change your habits through neural pathway conditioning. 

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